thinking venues, very NYC

14 Jun

Last night we went on our first official visit to check out a venue. I had this thought that if our family and friends were travelling to NYC for a wedding, they might want to SEE NYC from the wedding. Since we live in Queens, and I’m not exactly warm to the idea of paying Manhattan prices and navigating busy Manhattan for our day, I thought of Long Island City. There are gorgeous views of the city skyline over the East River from LIC. And there happens to be an Asian Fusion restaurant along the river. SHI. ( Hmm. Sounds like it might be right for us!

We went for dinner last night and think it’s worth looking into – it’s a lovely spot, and Asian food works for us! I’ll probably be calling or emailing their event planner in the near future for details.

Right outside is Gantry Plaza State Park, where we took a lovely after-dinner walk. If I thought we were planning a summer wedding, this might be the place to gather our loved ones and take our vows. But we’re mostly Coke people, so I’m not sure how I felt about the GIANT Pepsi sign just down the boardwalk. Gorgeous, though. Wish I’d taken nighttime photos.


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