Weekend of leisure

20 Jun

The Sweets and I had a lovely weekend here in New York City. On Saturday, we ventured to Coney Island for the annual Mermaid Parade. It was, if you aren’t familiar, exactly what it sounds like – a beach-side parade of people dressed like mermaids and other sea-folk. Utterly fun and wacky.

mermaid parade sign

Coney Island Mermaid Parade!

mermaid puppet like a chinese dragon

The mermaid version of a Chinese Dragon?

coney island from the wonder wheel

The tail end of the Mermaid Parade as seen from the top of Coney Island's famous and historic Wonder Wheel!

And Coney Island is also home to the famous Nathan’s hotdogs, and we had to partake:

Nathan's Coney Island

I'll spare you the hot dog eating shots.

But the best thing came on the way home, when we stopped in DUMBO, and visited the ice cream shop of Mr. Chocolate himself, Jacques Torres:

Jacques Torres, Brooklyn

Chocolate Heaven, indeed

They were serving monster ice cream sandwiches, and we ate them up like it was our job. De-lish! We followed that stop with a walk around the Brooklyn Bridge Park, where we saw no fewer than four wedding parties taking photos. That was the closest I came to any wedding planning this weekend.

Today we house-warmed friends who recently bought an apartment, and then had dinner with my Sweets’ family for Father’s Day. Delicious homemade Chinese food! Life is good.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!


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