a wedding with the Works?

1 Jul

Gosh, it’s difficult to get wedding planning up and running, isn’t it? I’ve been doing a lot of research into wedding and reception venues in New York, emailing and calling to get pricing, and of course when I’m encouraged, checking out spaces. Yesterday my sister and I made a trip downtown to the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in Soho, which is an unusual but perhaps WONDERFUL venue for a wedding.

Two things to tell you about which might explain my interest: one, in my real, non-wedding life, I work in the publishing industry. Books have been a huge part of my life forever, and the idea of getting married among stacks and shelves and piles of books is very romantic to me. Maybe you guessed I had an affinity for the printed word when I jumped on the whole diy book decor idea a week or so ago? And second, I love the idea that the thousands and thousands of dollars we’ll be spending to celebrate our marriage doesn’t just go to some big company’s profits.  Housing Works is a community service organization.The bookstore is staffed by volunteers and almost 100% of their profits go to ending the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness. Wow. I’d love to be able to tell my guests that our wedding was doing GOOD as well as being a good party. And they have a catering company affiliated with them — The Works Catering. They’re non-profit, too. And the food looks nummy.

In addition, I knew my sister, who will be standing next to me at my wedding, would also be passionate about the cause and the possibilities. She works as an HIV counselor at one of the major hospitals here in New York, and she knows Housing Works and how they help. It was a great experience for us to visit the bookstore together — we had a great time.

So here are a few photos (taken with my phone, so please excuse any blurriness). As you might guess, my mind is racing with ideas for how we could make the space even more beautiful and reflective of us and our love. I’d love to have your thoughts!


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