Red papers

22 Jul

As I am a lover of paper, it is not surprising that I’ve started daydreaming about wedding paper goods. I’ll need to edit all my daydreams, of course, but here are some of the ways I’m thinking of using paper in the decor. 

I’ve asked a friend to create a papercut piece that represents Sweets and me, and our wedding, as a kind of centerpiece for our wedding — we’d display it on the guest book table, or with the cake, or with the place cards… somewhere where everyone will see it. It will incorporate themes from our wedding, our lives together, our families. I hope it will be very meaningful especially to the Sweets’ family, as it is one of the ways we’ll incorporate their Chinese/Taiwanese-American heritage. And of course it will be a piece of art that we can display in our home forever. 

I found this lovely piece on Etsy (though it's not the same artist as ours).

And I’m thinking about paperwhite bulbs as a favor, in brown paper packages tied with red and white baker’s string (yes, that does sound like a lyric to a much-loved song!), with sweet red tags with our thanks and growing instructions printed on them. Like these, maybe? 

brown paper packages tied up with string

favorite things...

red tag

sweet, simple, unfussy.

 I know I have a long way to go to get this in line, cohesive, and beautiful, but I like playing with these ideas. Thoughts? Suggestions? I’m open!


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