stepping out of my comfort(able clothing) zone

28 Jul

So you might remember from my previous post about undergarments (teehee) that I was planning to go shopping for wedding dresses. Hmm. I didn’t. I’m not sure what’s stopping me — or rather I’m not sure which of the reasons I’m putting it off is the best reason I haven’t yet gone and slung a white dress over my head.


ONE — I’m concerned about sample sizes. New York may have a lot of bridal stores, but still not a whole lot of larger sample sizes.

TWO — I have NO IDEA what kind of gown is going to look best on me. I’m not a super-fancy girl — I wore a little black dress to prom, and haven’t worn anything much fancier since. Neither am I a huge fan of the feeling of strapless bras, so how the heck will I wear a strapless dress? And I don’t do spaghetti straps — my shoulders are too big for those to ever look good. But really, there aren’t as many options once you move away from strapless. Maybe I’ll learn something and discover something wonderful in innovative support garments. (Wishful thoughts.)

THREE — My mom isn’t here in the city to go shopping with me. I have a few wonderful friends who would join me in a minute, and will, but I kinda want my mom. Silly, I guess, but it’s just one of those moments.

FOUR — I’m pretty sure I’ll cry in the dressing room. Not necessarily because I hate a dress, or love a dress, but… I’ll just cry. Let me put it this way: I’m famous for crying when I get a hair cut or new highlights or something. I think it’s partly the change, but maybe it’s also the long periods of time in the salon where I really have no choice but to look in the mirror, trying to decide if I like the way I look. Makes me feel too introspective, too self-aware, or something.

funhouse mirror angst


So, that’s my angst about shopping for a dress. But, if I think I’m going to get married in five months (from tomorrow!?!), then I better get on it, in case I have to special order something from a snooty bridal salon. Wish me luck on Friday for the first round!


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