31 Jul

I LOVE THEM. But I stink at writing them. Like, really stink. I like my handwriting, but I cannot get the hang of this lovely symbol. I’ll be hand-addressing all my invitations (I like it better that way), and I want to be able to throw in a glorious “&” flourish between the names of our guests. 

Here’s the “for your information” part of this post. The word “ampersand” is a corruption of the phrase “and per se and”, meaning “and ( symbol which by itself (is) and”. So, it means “and,” and all by itself it’s a word. Cool, right? 

There are many variations of the symbol in different typefaces. I’m not sure which is my favorite, but the one I currently write is a sort of left-leaning Helvetica, according to the chart below. But mine’s not so pretty. 


Can't decide which one I love best!


I’m going to be working on my ampersands now. Handwriting practice, with maybe a little extra flourish thrown in. I should get fancy pens and the school-lined paper! Fun! I’ll try to post my progress in the near future. 

Thanks to the Interesting Facts blog for the image, and the new knowledge!

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