I have officially cancelled on Kleinfeld

9 Aug

That’s right. I said “no” to that dress shop.  Everyone said they’d take great care of me — it would be so fun to visit — and I’d find beautiful, quality gowns, even in larger sample sizes.  They even said I should go, whether I wanted to spend thousands on a dress or not, just for the experience. Two weeks ago, when I’d finally psyched myself up for wedding dress shopping, I got the first available appointment at Kleinfeld’s. But it was nearly three weeks in the future — my appointment was scheduled for Friday the 13th (gah!) and none of my friends could come during business hours on a Friday afternoon. It didn’t sound like the ideal experience, so I made some other plans, too.

Now only two of the three weeks have passed, but I’ve now bought a dress, then exchanged it for another, better one, and I guess I don’t need to go to the place with the largest selection of designer gowns. And I’m kind of proud of the fact that I paid a fraction of the cost of their lowest-end dresses for a beautiful and special gown.  

Don’t worry, SAY YES TO THE DRESS, I still love you. I’ll be watching, but I won’t be visiting.


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