bad blogger

10 Sep

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I hate these posts, where people apologize for neglecting the blog and explain how busy and crazy life has been lately, and promise they’re going to be better in the future. I probably will, too. But I’m annoying myself. Just wanted to register here that I’m not done with this blog, that I’m not done planning, but I haven’t had much urge to document things lately. Most of what is being accomplished right now doesn’t “show” very well, and I’m realizing that when I actually chose things and have plans, I want to keep them close so my wedding will be fresh and lovely and a surprise for my guests.  I’m trying to practice avoiding the overshare.

Also, I’m more avoiding all the pretty wedding blogs at the moment because I’m trying to crystallize my own vision, along with my groom’s vision, for our wedding. All the other images kind of cloud things for me.

So, soon I’ll be back with more thoughtfulness and things to document, I’m sure.


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