More postage…

2 Oct

With the invitations coming on Monday, and our plan to get them OUT to our guest list as soon as possible, I realized I needed to order more stamps. Somehow I forgot about reply envelopes…

But — oh, no! — when I went to order more stamps, I found that the great ones I bought in July are NO MORE. What up, USPS? So, I’ve selected a second stamp:

Celebrate stamp

festive enough...

I like it just fine, but it definitely doesn’t feel of a piece with my other stamps. So, the question for me is, split the invitations between this and that, or the art stamps on the invites and the Celebrate! stamps on the reply envelopes? Sweets and I are divided on the question (because of course he has an opinion!). Thoughts?


One Response to “More postage…”

  1. Mom October 3, 2010 at 7:54 am #

    Not sure what the other stamps are but I love the celebrate stamps. If you use the Celebrate stamps for the returns it is like your guest saying I’m coming to celebrate with you! Just a thought from the MOTB! BTW- do you want pine cones for decorations….I can have Grandpa collect around his house and I have a few places that drop hundreds of cones. I could put a touch of glue and glitter on some of the tips…..crafty! 🙂

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