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please celebrate with us!

28 Sep

The sweets and I ordered wedding invitations this past weekend! It’s so real now, right?  We ordered from Wedding Paper Divas (a friend who is getting married NEXT WEEKEND — Congrats, Yasmine! — raved about them) and I was really pleased by their reasonable prices and customizable designs. And the Sweets and I had very different points of view about what our invitations should look like, and this design made us both very happy — it’s our wedding!

winter berries wedding invitation

The red berries on the branch are much like the winter berries ideas I had a few months ago, and so I think it will help us to get started with a florist. What do you think — the invite is beautiful next to these flowers, right?

white flowers and winter berries

And of course the branches also tie into the birds — the cardinals I previously called my “singing little details.” It’s all coming together! Just in time for three months from tomorrow!



31 Jul

I LOVE THEM. But I stink at writing them. Like, really stink. I like my handwriting, but I cannot get the hang of this lovely symbol. I’ll be hand-addressing all my invitations (I like it better that way), and I want to be able to throw in a glorious “&” flourish between the names of our guests. 

Here’s the “for your information” part of this post. The word “ampersand” is a corruption of the phrase “and per se and”, meaning “and ( symbol which by itself (is) and”. So, it means “and,” and all by itself it’s a word. Cool, right? 

There are many variations of the symbol in different typefaces. I’m not sure which is my favorite, but the one I currently write is a sort of left-leaning Helvetica, according to the chart below. But mine’s not so pretty. 


Can't decide which one I love best!


I’m going to be working on my ampersands now. Handwriting practice, with maybe a little extra flourish thrown in. I should get fancy pens and the school-lined paper! Fun! I’ll try to post my progress in the near future. 

Thanks to the Interesting Facts blog for the image, and the new knowledge!

berry mad

12 Jul

If I’m running with my Winter Berries ideas, Wedding Paper Divas have paper goods!  Pretty! And with craft paper accents, it coordinates so prettily!  

winter berries invitation?



And an Etsy seller has these, though the pricing is certainly higher. But I do love: 

winterberry invites

from Sweet Bella Cards


Thinking DIY and books

22 Jun

After I thought more about the book decor post yesterday, I remembered a half-finished project on the back of a shelf. Months ago I was inspired by book art on Etsy — probably something from Rhymes with Magic — and I turned an old paperback novel I knew I wouldn’t read again into a practice project. Last night while the Sweets and I were watching TV, I decided to finish folding the pages, and I made this:

folded book vase

forgive the silk flower and dusty window pane, please!

While I was shooting a few photos of this basic concept, I got to thinking about the other DIY things I could do around books. Not too long ago I bought up several yards of gorgeous home deco fabric from Anna Maria Horner when I found it on sale; I love its subtle nod to rickety piles of much-loved books. I didn’t have a plan for how I was going to use it in any of my sewing projects, but now I wonder….

red flower and book fabric for wedding?orange flower and book fabricDisplay tables? What do you think? Any comments appreciated to help me fine-tune this idea would be most welcome.

Oooh, and look what else I found: http://www.etsy.com/listing/46631993/folded-heart-book. I LOVE!

Books as decor

21 Jun

I’m totally in love with this, as seen on bonafidebride.com and 100layercake.com/blog. I’m thinking about covering my books in red paper, but there’s something gorgeous and simple about all these shades of white and cream.

books as wedding decor? yes, please!