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Seating booklets?

6 Oct

Oh, Martha Stewart Weddings, you’ve done it to me again. Found this lovely and creative seating card display today, from a real wedding. See here, and make sure to link through to Liezel and Christopher’s wedding.

seating card booklets

tiny books!

I think this could be a DIY for me. It’s wonderfully within the themes of our wedding, and selecting quotes to include could also be a great way to share a little more of ourselves with our guests. Thinking cap on for ways to make it my own.


The addressing has begun

5 Oct

I’m hand writing the address on all of my wedding invitations. No, I’m not a great calligrapher. You all have seen my attempts at mastering the elusive ampersands. I’m not even using a fancy fountain or calligraphy pen. Just a new Sharpie brand pen, fine point, which I’m very fond of and which writes a nice strong (but not marker-thick) and smooth line. Also, it’s PERMANENT, smear-resistant, water proof… qualities we all need in planning for a wedding and for a marriage, I think.

And sure, it would probably be pretty easy to Mail Merge our guest list Excel file into some neat labels. But nevertheless, I like the idea of putting my hand on every invitation. I hand wrote our save the dates on those New York postcards, and no one said a word against them. They were homemade-looking, and I liked it that way. It feels like I’m putting my personal signature on the things I send out, even if we are sending the very same set of invitation, response card, and insert to all of our invited guests. The invitation is coming from us, and not a machine.

Last night I did 45 envelopes, and on some of them I even spelled out Massachusetts and Pennsylvania (even though the Sweets said the Post Office doesn’t like that). I think I spelled them all correctly. I’ll be double-checking my work tonight!

And also, the future in-laws are coming over for dinner and to help us make sure I got all the Chinese names right. Maybe they’ll help us make an insert for our non-English-speaking guests’ invitations? Or use my Sharpie on our inserts to hand-write a note in Chinese?

Pictures and details will be posted soon.

Sweet favor idea

1 Oct

I fell a little bit in love with this idea from Martha Stewart Weddings today. 

A Lollipop tree — and it looks very Christmas appropriate, no? A few color changes for our wedding, some kind of a star topper instead of the pendant, and PERFECTION. 

DIY wedding favor sweets



I may just have to do it. Now to find all the supplies! The tutorial is here.

Save that Date!

7 Aug

It’s finally time to get moving on save the dates, and the Sweets and I have a plan. I thought I knew what I was going to do — I had very elaborate diy plans — but I’ve changed my mind. Hey, it’s my wedding. I’m allowed.

I’m still going a little DIY, and I’m still doing postcards, but I decided I didn’t love any of the designs of the postcard save-the-dates I found at printers online. But then I was nosing around a bookstore (Posman Books in Grand Central Terminal) and found some great NYC postcards. Brainstorm! I bought one to bring home to show to Sweets, he liked the idea, and this week I asked them to order me 70 postcards! Tada!

Vintage New York Postcard


The diy still to come involves me putting the date on the front, and of course more info on the back, and addressing them all by hand. I want them to feel personal and fun. Look out friends and relations — they’ll be on the way in a week or so!

my etsy treasury

11 Jul

I’m in an etsy addict phase at the moment, and I made a treasury this morning to collect some of the lovelies I found today. Not the lovelies I want for my wedding decor, mind you, since I don’t want anyone else to buy them, but lovely things nonetheless.

orange and blue birds

lovely birds and feathers

Click through to etsy.com to see the bird happiness treasury here.

gathering more inspiration

2 Jul

I stumbled upon this blog today, and Emily’s wedding invitations are in the same spirit I want mine to be. Only mine will be red. Enjoy this lovely post.

And this real wedding from OnceWed has so many elements that I’ve been envisioning for ours. The red tissue poms, balloons (we love UP and I’ve been hoping to incorporate that romantic story somehow), the fabric (I’m a quilter/crafter and LOVE the Amy Butler red), and I’d LOVE to have a photo booth (we’ll see if it’s in the budget.)

red wedding decor

Photography by Brooke Schwab

Star of my heart

27 Jun

The moment I first fell a little bit in love with Sweets was the night of our fourth date. It was a night full of our firsts, which I’ll get to if you’ll let me tell you a little story.  

Our first date, a blind one, was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and we saw a movie and then went out for hot chocolate. Our second date, at his oh-so-romantic suggestion, was a diner breakfast followed by ice skating in Central Park. It was wonderful — we held hands on the ice. The third date almost threw us off the rails — we went out for dinner and found ourselves struggling to make engaging conversation through the whole meal and our after-dinner walk to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. But he was so cute, and I felt so very comfortable with him, that I took it upon myself to make the fourth date a make-or-break one.  

It was mid-December, and I’d invited him over for a very intense date, I’ll admit. He came to my apartment in the afternoon. The plan was to bake cookies, watch a movie, and then, later in the evening, go to a “bad Christmas sweater” party to meet a few of my friends.  He showed up at my door wearing a silly Elf hat, complete with pointy ears, another in hand for me, and a sweet gift: a silver-colored star tree-topper for my NYC apartment-sized (TINY!) Christmas tree. I had forgotten I’d even mentioned to him that I didn’t have a topper for my table-top tree — that I’d tied a red bow and set it at the top in place of my favorite tree-trimming.  

How sweet that he had heard that little detail, thought anything of it, and hunted down a silver star topper in a 99-cent store. And that was the first time I thought I might be able to fall in love with this sweet man, who came bringing Christmas cheer and an attentive and thoughtful spirit.  

silver star tree-topper

The star, getting its fourth outing this Christmas on our tiny tree!


 Later that night we shared our first kiss. And tonight, I kissed him when he suggested we might use silver star tree-toppers as a part of our table centerpieces. What a sweet and meaningful DIY idea. I can’t wait to marry him.