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Sweet favor idea

1 Oct

I fell a little bit in love with this idea from Martha Stewart Weddings today. 

A Lollipop tree — and it looks very Christmas appropriate, no? A few color changes for our wedding, some kind of a star topper instead of the pendant, and PERFECTION. 

DIY wedding favor sweets



I may just have to do it. Now to find all the supplies! The tutorial is here.



11 Sep

I might have mentioned before that books are very important in my life. I’m a children’s book editor in real life — that’s my job, and sometimes I’m sure it defines me in other ways, too. Growing up, I was an absolute bookworm, and I can track stages of my childhood and adolescence through the books I loved and read again and again.

Sweets had a different experience with books, as he had a longer road to reading in English and the books that were popular with American children, but he, too, has a great many novels and reading experiences that mark his childhood.

All that considered, I was thrilled with Sweets suggested we might use children’s books, and the books that were important to us in our formative years, as part of the theme and decor of our wedding. We thought we might use books as part of the tablescape/centerpieces for each table at the reception. Instead of numbers, our tables might have author names to correspond with the collection of books displayed. And we’ll create a bookplate for each that thanks our guests for celebrating and sharing the stories with us. Guests can take them home, then, as a favor and a memory of us.

So last night we spent time pouring through the shelves at The Strand and another little used book shop in the Union Square area. We gathered some great finds to start our collection.children's booksWe have a much longer list of titles and authors we’d like to include, but it’s a great start!

There are plenty of other ways I think we might use books in the wedding, too. I’ll share those soon.

dreaming green

27 Aug

I love these organic cotton drawstring bags for favors. I’ve been leaning toward giving paperwhite bulbs  — wouldn’t these be great for wrapping them?

cotton gift bag

From Dream Green Weddings.

They also have these lovely seeded-paper place cards. They’re darling, aren’t they, with the snowflake? Also available for all seasons and other themes.

seeded-paper placecard

Available here.