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Dress Success!

2 Aug

I bought a dress this weekend! After my disastrous shopping attempt on Friday afternoon (another post for another day), I am still shocked at how simple it ended up being. I brought my sister and two good friends to the second shop with me, and we had a great time. I joked that the posse I had brought had three characters: the Skeptic (little sister, who thinks elopement is the answer), the Cheerleader (Vic, who would tell me what she liked about everything, and what made me look good), and the Opinionated One (Hannah, who doesn’t hesitate to say what she thinks). Add in a big dose of me wanting to feel comfortable and like myself, and I figured I had a formula for success.selecting a wedding dress

I tried on six dresses, the first of which was one I thought I’d like from pictures. It was NOT GOOD. But then the saleswoman took control and put me in a few dresses she thought would be better on. By dress four, I knew I’d seen the one to beat. Little sister took pictures of each dress and emailed to Mom,  then called for her reactions,so it was ALMOST like she was there.  Dress six ALMOST swayed me, but the Opinionated One shook her head and told me why she thought four was better. So I put it back on just to check, and I found she was right. The Cheerleader cheered, and the Skeptic agreed. Success!

I was so happy to be able to call Mom after I’d brought my dress home (YES, HOME! I got a great deal on the sample!) and have her know exactly what the dress was. She’s as excited as I am.

I’m starting to feel like a bride!

Tonight I’m seeing another possible venue for the wedding, and I have my fingers crossed in a BIG WAY. Once this falls into place, I’ll KNOW I’m getting married.