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The addressing has begun

5 Oct

I’m hand writing the address on all of my wedding invitations. No, I’m not a great calligrapher. You all have seen my attempts at mastering the elusive ampersands. I’m not even using a fancy fountain or calligraphy pen. Just a new Sharpie brand pen, fine point, which I’m very fond of and which writes a nice strong (but not marker-thick) and smooth line. Also, it’s PERMANENT, smear-resistant, water proof… qualities we all need in planning for a wedding and for a marriage, I think.

And sure, it would probably be pretty easy to Mail Merge our guest list Excel file into some neat labels. But nevertheless, I like the idea of putting my hand on every invitation. I hand wrote our save the dates on those New York postcards, and no one said a word against them. They were homemade-looking, and I liked it that way. It feels like I’m putting my personal signature on the things I send out, even if we are sending the very same set of invitation, response card, and insert to all of our invited guests. The invitation is coming from us, and not a machine.

Last night I did 45 envelopes, and on some of them I even spelled out Massachusetts and Pennsylvania (even though the Sweets said the Post Office doesn’t like that). I think I spelled them all correctly. I’ll be double-checking my work tonight!

And also, the future in-laws are coming over for dinner and to help us make sure I got all the Chinese names right. Maybe they’ll help us make an insert for our non-English-speaking guests’ invitations? Or use my Sharpie on our inserts to hand-write a note in Chinese?

Pictures and details will be posted soon.


practice still hasn’t made perfect

8 Aug

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been practicing my ampersands, hoping to get them in shape for addressing save-the-dates and invitations. The highlight has been writing on the fun paper that reminds me of grade school. And of course I bought fun pens (Le Pen!) in many colors for the exercise.

So, here’s what I’ve done:


Style 1, 2, or 3?

Oh, man. I knew these were hard. My option #1, the most traditional, is pretty weak, right?  They all need work, but which version do you like best?


31 Jul

I LOVE THEM. But I stink at writing them. Like, really stink. I like my handwriting, but I cannot get the hang of this lovely symbol. I’ll be hand-addressing all my invitations (I like it better that way), and I want to be able to throw in a glorious “&” flourish between the names of our guests. 

Here’s the “for your information” part of this post. The word “ampersand” is a corruption of the phrase “and per se and”, meaning “and ( symbol which by itself (is) and”. So, it means “and,” and all by itself it’s a word. Cool, right? 

There are many variations of the symbol in different typefaces. I’m not sure which is my favorite, but the one I currently write is a sort of left-leaning Helvetica, according to the chart below. But mine’s not so pretty. 


Can't decide which one I love best!


I’m going to be working on my ampersands now. Handwriting practice, with maybe a little extra flourish thrown in. I should get fancy pens and the school-lined paper! Fun! I’ll try to post my progress in the near future. 

Thanks to the Interesting Facts blog for the image, and the new knowledge!