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Where Anne says yes.

29 Sep


I knew I liked that other Sarah over at My San Francisco Budget Wedding, but she cemented my admiration for her when she posted this bit of loveliness over the weekend. Anne forever!


No marble halls for me, either. ūüôā


heart and sole

23 Aug

Since I’ve got those awesome red satin shoes, and I’m having a winter wedding, of course I needed to outfit my shoes to protect them and me from adverse weather conditions and slick ground, right?

How darn cute (and practical!?!) are these?

heart stoppers shoe grips

I got them at drugstore.com (ON SALE!) Though an admittedly¬†impulse purchase while shopping for Sweets’¬† Tums and ear drops, I¬†figure they’re a smart purchase.¬†I think that’s a perk of wedding planning, that I can buy something so whimsical next to the everyday domestic purchases, and call it practical.

LOVE. And they are SO THIS BLOG, aren’t they? Perfection.

The Reverend

15 Aug

See that smiling man waiting at the end of the aisle?

Dad at the end of the aisle

That’s the man who will officiate my wedding ceremony — though officiate seems like an inadequate word. Not “marry us,” either, since Sweets and I will be marrying each other. That smiling man, though, will be smiling at me and Sweets when we stand in front of our family and friends and join our lives. He will lead us as we make our vows, and he is someone who has led me through all of my life — he’s my Dad.

That’s right, Sweets and I have asked Reverend Dad to marry us (for lack of a better word)!

I freely admit that I struggled for a long time with this decision. All of my life my father has been marrying people — he’s a minister, after all, and he’s presided over many family weddings, and family friends and church members, friends of my siblings, and countless other couples beginning their married lives. But somehow I never got around to thinking about what my wedding would be — what it would be like if my father were to be the minister at my wedding. I always imagined he’d be my “Dad” at my wedding, and I didn’t get any further.

And so when Sweets and I decided to get married, I realized suddenly that someone would need to marry us, but I didn’t know if it would be Dad. I asked around the family, wondering what my sister and my brother thought — if they’d ever imagined Dad would do their weddings one day, or if they thought he really wanted to marry us.¬† I asked Sweets if he had feelings about who should marry us. He said he knew it meant more to me than him, and he’d be fine with whatever choice I made. And eventually, Dad said to me that he’d be fine with whatever I wanted — that it was my wedding and he’d be there for me in whatever way I wanted.

And then when Sweets and I decided on a venue (more on that when we’ve signed a contract!), I really started to imagine what my wedding ceremony would be like. And I realized that I couldn’t imagine anyone but Dad standing in front of Sweets and me, leading us in making our vows.

When I finally asked him earlier this week, he pounced in with a “YES! I would love to!” before I could even finish the request. And I think he understood what had kept me from asking him sooner. “Sarah,” he said, “I don’t think we’ll be missing out on the Father-Daughter thing in any way on your wedding day. You don’t need me to walk you down the aisle.¬† And I don’t believe in all that ‘the father giving the daughter away’ stuff — you and George are giving yourselves to each other.”

So, I’ll walk toward Sweets and my Dad, maybe with my strong and beautiful mother walking at my side. I know it will be very special and emotional and meaningful for all of us.

Ali and Mitch and Reverend Dad, July 23, 2010

And congrats and happy wishes to Ali and Mitch, the latest couple to marry each other in front of my Dad.

Photos by Stacia Photos

the most beautiful

30 Jul

I recently asked both of my parents (married for nearly thirty-five years!) to gather some memories for me — I wrote to each of them:

“I would really love it if you would write me a letter about your wedding, about all the things you remember loving, the details that meant most to you, and the things that made you crazy about the day. Can you tell me about the ceremony? What were your vows? Whatever you think is memorable to share, I’d love to hear about. I’ve also asked Mom (or Dad)¬†to do the same thing for me, and I’d really love to hear from each of you from your unique perspectives. Will you do this for me? Love, Sarah”

They both are more than happy to write to me about that day in 1976, but they both asked for a few days to reflect. I love that about them — so thoughtful. But what made me cry today was what my Dad said in his first response to the request:

“I need to give some serious thought to your questions regarding the wedding of Carol and Alan. Of course, the first thing I must say is that your mother was the best thing, the most beautiful:¬† what I loved most about our wedding.”

Already, that tells me exactly what I need to know. That Sweets and I need to be celebrating the beauty of our love, first and foremost. The day means nothing more than our love for each other.

My parents were fresh out of college when they were married, nearly ten years younger than Sweets and I will be when we take our vows, so I have ideas that we are in a different place than they were in many ways, but I’m feeling like I need the perspective that they have today on their wedding celebration in order to even begin to plan mine. They’ve inspired me every day and I need them even more now. Love to them both.


29 Jul

The lovely red shoes I posted about have arrived! They were waiting for me at the office this morning, and I ran to get my assistant, who is a shoe diva, and we opened the box together. Oh, they’re lovely. And shoe diva approved.

I tried them on, they fit like a dream, and then I quickly snapped a few pictures before carefully wrapping them back up to wait for my wedding. I think I’ll pull them back out a few weeks before the wedding and wear them around the apartment at night to gently break them in. Hmm, but will I wear them in front of Sweets? More decisions…

red wedding shoes

red ruffled shoes of loveliness in the 18th floor office window! Now pack 'em back up for safe-keeping!

do I or don‚Äôt I?

23 Jul

So if you’ve noticed, we don’t have a venue just yet. (But wish me luck — we’re looking at something this afternoon!) And so far the only thing I’ve bought for the wedding has been postage. And I’m halfway there on one other little detail. I haven’t been dress shopping yet. I don’t know for sure who is marrying us (that’s a post for another day). But I think I know what I want to be wearing on my FEET on my wedding day.

red ruffle shoes

A thing of beauty. Heel not too high so I can dance all night. Lovely little ruffle. Red.

Dare I order early?

Edited to add: I want to rock the red shoes like this: http://www.omgimgettingmarried.com/2010/07/bright-red-shoes-a-rock-the-frock-shoot-with-chelle/

singing little details

17 Jul
red ceramic cardinals

a flock of cardinals by SongandBranch


We’re still working on the big elements of wedding planning — finding the venue, you know — but I’ve started to form thoughts and ideas for the sweet little details that will make our wedding personal and offer sentimental notes to my family and friends. One of those elements involves the cunning little ceramic birds in the picture above. But first, the story:¬†¬†¬†

My paternal grandmother was the much-loved and treasured center of my father’s family. Among her loves in life was a deep appreciation for nature, and cardinals were a favorite of hers. I remember her home was decorated with them — figurines, towels, dishes. She became ill with Parkinson’s when I was a teenager, and it claimed her life in the fall of 1997. When she passed, my aunts began to tell stories about seeing cardinals and knowing grandma was with them. I laughed at first, but then I started experiencing it myself. For example, a few years after she died, while I was still away at college, my parents called to tell me that my little brother, a serious high school multi-sport athlete, had been badly hurt in a football game. His knee was destroyed, he’d need surgery, he’d likely never play sports again. I was distraught, knowing what kind of pain he was in, and took a walk just off campus to a wooded area. I was crying, trying to pull myself together, when I heard a loud bird call. I looked up to my left and saw a flash of red in the bush near me. I thought of my aunts, of grandma, and was touched and comforted.¬†¬†¬†

Many times in my life since then, during both joyful and painful moments, I’ve found myself in the company of a cardinal. In fact, on the morning after Sweets proposed, we were sitting together on the couch of our living room, windows open, calling friends and relatives with the happy news. After hanging up the phone at one point, I heard a familiar song outside. “Babe,” I said. “Listen. I think I hear a cardinal.” Sure enough, I looked outside at the tree in our back courtyard, and there he was. A bright red cardinal singing from the branches. I wept. Gosh, I’m even crying as I write this. And I just remembered that yesterday, the day I finalized the deal with SongandBranch, was my grandmother’s birthday. Cardinals did it again!¬†¬†¬†

So, since my grandmother and other special loved ones (including my paternal grandfather and maternal grandmother) who have passed will not be with us as we celebrate our marriage, these small ceramic birds will be placed throughout the room. I hope that when my family sees them, they’ll know our loved ones are with us and celebrating, too.¬†¬†¬†

I’m thrilled to have found SongandBranch, an Etsy seller, who is willing to make a dozen of these ceramic cardinals in a not-quite-so-mini size. I will be touched and comforted to see them nestled among flowers and in other places of honor at my wedding.red ceramic cardinals