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Cake tasted, Bride and Groom Approved

11 Oct

We went cake tasting this weekend. I’m sure you know I was looking forward to this — to getting to the actual sweets of our wedding. And it was so worth the wait.

We went to Baked, a fabulous little bakery in Red Hook, Brooklyn. For our tasting, we were given 10 amazing cupcakes to try their vast array of amazing cake and buttercream combinations. I can’t even begin to gush enough about the goods. You have to try the Coconut Cream, Passion Fruit, and Aunt Sassy’s Pistachio Surprise cakes.

We thought going in that we would want a red velvet cake at our wedding, and of course that was one of the reasons we wanted to try Baked — they have a fantastic one: the Red Hook Red Hot.

Red Velvet Cake

The Red Hook Red Hot from Baked, photo from Bakednyc.com

This is a red velvet cake with a hint of valrhona cocoa, layered and topped with cinnamon buttercream. And the little red hot candies add such a spicy touch! We’re going to have  three tiers of this at our wedding, with a gorgeous red berry branch design running up it — and the berries will be red hots!

But it doesn’t end there! We fell in love with another amazing cake at the tasting: the Sweet & Salty. I took one bit and just about swooned. The Sweets did, too.

Sweet & Salty chocolate cake, Baked NYC

Sweet & Salty, Baked. Photo from Bakednyc.com

As Baked says: “This cake has won many awards and many hearts. Dark chocolate cake infused with a salty caramel, caramel chocolate ganache and topped with fleur de sel.”  Seriously the most grown-up and delicious and special cake I’ve ever eaten. We’ll have one of these at the wedding, too. Couldn’t resist. They sent us home with an extra cupcake of this one, which I plan to savor for dessert tonight. (If the Sweets doesn’t get it first.)

So, New Yorkers, I send you to Baked. Go and get the goodies. Or if you can’t go to them, they’ll come to you: http://bakedshop.com/


Hey, that’s where I’m getting married!

27 Aug

On Brooklyn Bride today:


We’re planning to sign our contract with MyMoon on Sunday afternoon. Yay!

stepping out of my comfort(able clothing) zone

28 Jul

So you might remember from my previous post about undergarments (teehee) that I was planning to go shopping for wedding dresses. Hmm. I didn’t. I’m not sure what’s stopping me — or rather I’m not sure which of the reasons I’m putting it off is the best reason I haven’t yet gone and slung a white dress over my head.


ONE — I’m concerned about sample sizes. New York may have a lot of bridal stores, but still not a whole lot of larger sample sizes.

TWO — I have NO IDEA what kind of gown is going to look best on me. I’m not a super-fancy girl — I wore a little black dress to prom, and haven’t worn anything much fancier since. Neither am I a huge fan of the feeling of strapless bras, so how the heck will I wear a strapless dress? And I don’t do spaghetti straps — my shoulders are too big for those to ever look good. But really, there aren’t as many options once you move away from strapless. Maybe I’ll learn something and discover something wonderful in innovative support garments. (Wishful thoughts.)

THREE — My mom isn’t here in the city to go shopping with me. I have a few wonderful friends who would join me in a minute, and will, but I kinda want my mom. Silly, I guess, but it’s just one of those moments.

FOUR — I’m pretty sure I’ll cry in the dressing room. Not necessarily because I hate a dress, or love a dress, but… I’ll just cry. Let me put it this way: I’m famous for crying when I get a hair cut or new highlights or something. I think it’s partly the change, but maybe it’s also the long periods of time in the salon where I really have no choice but to look in the mirror, trying to decide if I like the way I look. Makes me feel too introspective, too self-aware, or something.

funhouse mirror angst


So, that’s my angst about shopping for a dress. But, if I think I’m going to get married in five months (from tomorrow!?!), then I better get on it, in case I have to special order something from a snooty bridal salon. Wish me luck on Friday for the first round!

a wedding with the Works?

1 Jul

Gosh, it’s difficult to get wedding planning up and running, isn’t it? I’ve been doing a lot of research into wedding and reception venues in New York, emailing and calling to get pricing, and of course when I’m encouraged, checking out spaces. Yesterday my sister and I made a trip downtown to the Housing Works Bookstore Cafe in Soho, which is an unusual but perhaps WONDERFUL venue for a wedding.

Two things to tell you about which might explain my interest: one, in my real, non-wedding life, I work in the publishing industry. Books have been a huge part of my life forever, and the idea of getting married among stacks and shelves and piles of books is very romantic to me. Maybe you guessed I had an affinity for the printed word when I jumped on the whole diy book decor idea a week or so ago? And second, I love the idea that the thousands and thousands of dollars we’ll be spending to celebrate our marriage doesn’t just go to some big company’s profits.  Housing Works is a community service organization.The bookstore is staffed by volunteers and almost 100% of their profits go to ending the twin crises of AIDS and homelessness. Wow. I’d love to be able to tell my guests that our wedding was doing GOOD as well as being a good party. And they have a catering company affiliated with them — The Works Catering. They’re non-profit, too. And the food looks nummy.

In addition, I knew my sister, who will be standing next to me at my wedding, would also be passionate about the cause and the possibilities. She works as an HIV counselor at one of the major hospitals here in New York, and she knows Housing Works and how they help. It was a great experience for us to visit the bookstore together — we had a great time.

So here are a few photos (taken with my phone, so please excuse any blurriness). As you might guess, my mind is racing with ideas for how we could make the space even more beautiful and reflective of us and our love. I’d love to have your thoughts!

Star of my heart

27 Jun

The moment I first fell a little bit in love with Sweets was the night of our fourth date. It was a night full of our firsts, which I’ll get to if you’ll let me tell you a little story.  

Our first date, a blind one, was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and we saw a movie and then went out for hot chocolate. Our second date, at his oh-so-romantic suggestion, was a diner breakfast followed by ice skating in Central Park. It was wonderful — we held hands on the ice. The third date almost threw us off the rails — we went out for dinner and found ourselves struggling to make engaging conversation through the whole meal and our after-dinner walk to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. But he was so cute, and I felt so very comfortable with him, that I took it upon myself to make the fourth date a make-or-break one.  

It was mid-December, and I’d invited him over for a very intense date, I’ll admit. He came to my apartment in the afternoon. The plan was to bake cookies, watch a movie, and then, later in the evening, go to a “bad Christmas sweater” party to meet a few of my friends.  He showed up at my door wearing a silly Elf hat, complete with pointy ears, another in hand for me, and a sweet gift: a silver-colored star tree-topper for my NYC apartment-sized (TINY!) Christmas tree. I had forgotten I’d even mentioned to him that I didn’t have a topper for my table-top tree — that I’d tied a red bow and set it at the top in place of my favorite tree-trimming.  

How sweet that he had heard that little detail, thought anything of it, and hunted down a silver star topper in a 99-cent store. And that was the first time I thought I might be able to fall in love with this sweet man, who came bringing Christmas cheer and an attentive and thoughtful spirit.  

silver star tree-topper

The star, getting its fourth outing this Christmas on our tiny tree!


 Later that night we shared our first kiss. And tonight, I kissed him when he suggested we might use silver star tree-toppers as a part of our table centerpieces. What a sweet and meaningful DIY idea. I can’t wait to marry him.

Weekend of leisure

20 Jun

The Sweets and I had a lovely weekend here in New York City. On Saturday, we ventured to Coney Island for the annual Mermaid Parade. It was, if you aren’t familiar, exactly what it sounds like – a beach-side parade of people dressed like mermaids and other sea-folk. Utterly fun and wacky.

mermaid parade sign

Coney Island Mermaid Parade!

mermaid puppet like a chinese dragon

The mermaid version of a Chinese Dragon?

coney island from the wonder wheel

The tail end of the Mermaid Parade as seen from the top of Coney Island's famous and historic Wonder Wheel!

And Coney Island is also home to the famous Nathan’s hotdogs, and we had to partake:

Nathan's Coney Island

I'll spare you the hot dog eating shots.

But the best thing came on the way home, when we stopped in DUMBO, and visited the ice cream shop of Mr. Chocolate himself, Jacques Torres:

Jacques Torres, Brooklyn

Chocolate Heaven, indeed

They were serving monster ice cream sandwiches, and we ate them up like it was our job. De-lish! We followed that stop with a walk around the Brooklyn Bridge Park, where we saw no fewer than four wedding parties taking photos. That was the closest I came to any wedding planning this weekend.

Today we house-warmed friends who recently bought an apartment, and then had dinner with my Sweets’ family for Father’s Day. Delicious homemade Chinese food! Life is good.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

thinking venues, very NYC

14 Jun

Last night we went on our first official visit to check out a venue. I had this thought that if our family and friends were travelling to NYC for a wedding, they might want to SEE NYC from the wedding. Since we live in Queens, and I’m not exactly warm to the idea of paying Manhattan prices and navigating busy Manhattan for our day, I thought of Long Island City. There are gorgeous views of the city skyline over the East River from LIC. And there happens to be an Asian Fusion restaurant along the river. SHI. (http://www.eatdrinkshi.com/) Hmm. Sounds like it might be right for us!

We went for dinner last night and think it’s worth looking into – it’s a lovely spot, and Asian food works for us! I’ll probably be calling or emailing their event planner in the near future for details.

Right outside is Gantry Plaza State Park, where we took a lovely after-dinner walk. If I thought we were planning a summer wedding, this might be the place to gather our loved ones and take our vows. But we’re mostly Coke people, so I’m not sure how I felt about the GIANT Pepsi sign just down the boardwalk. Gorgeous, though. Wish I’d taken nighttime photos.