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heart and sole

23 Aug

Since I’ve got those awesome red satin shoes, and I’m having a winter wedding, of course I needed to outfit my shoes to protect them and me from adverse weather conditions and slick ground, right?

How darn cute (and practical!?!) are these?

heart stoppers shoe grips

I got them at drugstore.com (ON SALE!) Though an admittedly impulse purchase while shopping for Sweets’  Tums and ear drops, I figure they’re a smart purchase. I think that’s a perk of wedding planning, that I can buy something so whimsical next to the everyday domestic purchases, and call it practical.

LOVE. And they are SO THIS BLOG, aren’t they? Perfection.



29 Jul

The lovely red shoes I posted about have arrived! They were waiting for me at the office this morning, and I ran to get my assistant, who is a shoe diva, and we opened the box together. Oh, they’re lovely. And shoe diva approved.

I tried them on, they fit like a dream, and then I quickly snapped a few pictures before carefully wrapping them back up to wait for my wedding. I think I’ll pull them back out a few weeks before the wedding and wear them around the apartment at night to gently break them in. Hmm, but will I wear them in front of Sweets? More decisions…

red wedding shoes

red ruffled shoes of loveliness in the 18th floor office window! Now pack 'em back up for safe-keeping!

I did!

25 Jul

I ordered those red shoes! Will update again when they arrive to decide if they’re keepers!

do I or don’t I?

23 Jul

So if you’ve noticed, we don’t have a venue just yet. (But wish me luck — we’re looking at something this afternoon!) And so far the only thing I’ve bought for the wedding has been postage. And I’m halfway there on one other little detail. I haven’t been dress shopping yet. I don’t know for sure who is marrying us (that’s a post for another day). But I think I know what I want to be wearing on my FEET on my wedding day.

red ruffle shoes

A thing of beauty. Heel not too high so I can dance all night. Lovely little ruffle. Red.

Dare I order early?

Edited to add: I want to rock the red shoes like this: http://www.omgimgettingmarried.com/2010/07/bright-red-shoes-a-rock-the-frock-shoot-with-chelle/