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29 Aug

Until the Sweets and I are married!


practice still hasn’t made perfect

8 Aug

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been practicing my ampersands, hoping to get them in shape for addressing save-the-dates and invitations. The highlight has been writing on the fun paper that reminds me of grade school. And of course I bought fun pens (Le Pen!) in many colors for the exercise.

So, here’s what I’ve done:


Style 1, 2, or 3?

Oh, man. I knew these were hard. My option #1, the most traditional, is pretty weak, right?  They all need work, but which version do you like best?

Save that Date!

7 Aug

It’s finally time to get moving on save the dates, and the Sweets and I have a plan. I thought I knew what I was going to do — I had very elaborate diy plans — but I’ve changed my mind. Hey, it’s my wedding. I’m allowed.

I’m still going a little DIY, and I’m still doing postcards, but I decided I didn’t love any of the designs of the postcard save-the-dates I found at printers online. But then I was nosing around a bookstore (Posman Books in Grand Central Terminal) and found some great NYC postcards. Brainstorm! I bought one to bring home to show to Sweets, he liked the idea, and this week I asked them to order me 70 postcards! Tada!

Vintage New York Postcard


The diy still to come involves me putting the date on the front, and of course more info on the back, and addressing them all by hand. I want them to feel personal and fun. Look out friends and relations — they’ll be on the way in a week or so!

My save-the-date inspiration

21 Jun

As soon as I have a wedding date to announce, I know exactly what I want to do! 

save-the-dates, mini-envelope postcards

Adorable, yes? Image from http://www.marthastewartweddings.com/

A few weeks ago I happened upon this adorableness from Martha Stewart Weddings and the ideas started flowing. Since my Sweets is of Chinese heritage, I thought that little RED envelopes would be perfect on the back of some custom-designed postcard. So of course I’ve been hunting around Etsy for the perfect little red envelopes and cards. Chelsea Paper has these adorable ones. 

mini red envelopes, diy save-the-dates

tiny red envelopes for big news!

I’m all kinds of inspired for a great DIY project to launch my wedding designs, as soon as we have a date, of course!