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heart and sole

23 Aug

Since I’ve got those awesome red satin shoes, and I’m having a winter wedding, of course I needed to outfit my shoes to protect them and me from adverse weather conditions and slick ground, right?

How darn cute (and practical!?!) are these?

heart stoppers shoe grips

I got them at drugstore.com (ON SALE!) Though an admittedly impulse purchase while shopping for Sweets’  Tums and ear drops, I figure they’re a smart purchase. I think that’s a perk of wedding planning, that I can buy something so whimsical next to the everyday domestic purchases, and call it practical.

LOVE. And they are SO THIS BLOG, aren’t they? Perfection.


“to make visible and real your love for each other”

20 Aug

Alright, I admit it. I watch some of the wedding tv shows — Say Yes to the Dress, My Fair Wedding, Four Weddings, Plan My Wedding, and the ancillary shows that might as well be wedding tv, like Cake Boss. Pretty cakes, pretty parties, character, you know. (But NO BRIDEZILLAS. Never again. I find that show horrifying in the most despicable ways. Those women, whether it’s for show or not, are not allowing themselves a true celebration of love, and they are not putting their relationship and love first in their weddings.)

My mother has taken to watching Say Yes to the Dress too, and I must say it amused me to no end when she asked me (after I had bought my dress) whether it was definitely “THE” dress. As I’m sure most of you know, the show espouses this idea that there is one perfect and wonderful dress for every bride, but I’m not sure that’s an idea I completely buy in to. Some of us are never going to find a magical dress that takes away all body insecurities and transforms us into a glowing vision of bridal perfection. But I do believe that I found a dress that is wonderfully in keeping with the wedding I’m planning, and I know, because I’ll be wearing it in front of all my closest friends and family, there to support me, I’ll feel happy and comfortable and “bridal” and my Sweets will think I look beautiful on our wedding day. I said yes to that dress.

Of all these shows, I think Plan My Wedding had the most practical effect on me. Those three competing wedding planners, all with designs to give the bride and groom the best wedding on their limited budget, made me stop and think: wedding planners know a lot of tricks. They have experience, expertise, and best of all, relationships. They are absolutely worth their fee if they get you more wedding (and less stress!) for your budget. Sweets and I were swayed by this thought, and we found some wonderful professionals to help us handle some of the bigger aspects of our wedding, like finding a venue with great food and appropriate space within our budget. And we’re sure we would have had to pay much more for the wedding we’re going to have without their help. Their advice and support is invaluable, too — I’ll give those ladies some more public love down the road, when more plans are in place and I can praise them appropriately. 

But the rest of the wedding shows, as much as I enjoy them, don’t always seem like they’re at all related to MY wedding.  For example, David Tutera’s My Fair Wedding, wonderfully intentioned as it seems, takes a bride’s very personal (if slightly misguided) vision for her day and turns it into a six-figure blowout that is unrecognizable to that bride and groom — the dream wedding they never even dreamed to dream, really. And if the title of the show is referencing “My Fair Lady,” then I think that’s further evidence that it’s only breeding more discontent — how can you ever go back to normal life after the day someone swoops in and makes you someone else? As Eliza Doolittle says, “I sold flowers; I didn’t sell myself. Now you’ve made a lady of me, I’m not fit to sell anything else.” (Huh. Not sure that makes my point. Does it make sense?) 

Well, even if David could swoop in and help me make my wedding into a huge event, I’m not sure I’d say yes to that, since all of our work and investment, humble as it is, is how Sweets and I are best able and happiest to represent our love and joy to our family and friends. The fact that we made it, that we made every choice together with our life and our loved ones in mind — that’s what our wedding should be. And a glamorous and extravagant wedding is not at all related to our lives.

A moment on My Fair Wedding did make a real impact on me this past week, though. The bride and groom were wonderfully tattooed and morbid-ish people who wanted a Day of the Dead themed wedding, and to have their rings tattooed on their fingers during the ceremony. David talked them out of that, of course, but it did strike me that with tattoos they were putting something on their bodies that signified their love and committment. Somehow, that seems real and wonderful to me. I hope they did it after the wedding, underneath the fancy platinum rings David’s sponsors provided. And then, during their admittedly beautiful wedding ceremony, the tattooed priest uttered the words that are the title of this post, when the couple was ready to take their vows. He said, “you’ve come here today to make visible and real your love for each other.” I don’t know if that’ a typical phrase in vows, but I love it. I stopped and rewound my dvr and listened again so I could write it down, because that’s exactly what a wedding should be, in my mind. And that’s why I believe that weddings should not be cookie-cutter, that they should be personal and related to the couples’ lives and loves, because each wedding, for each couple, is the visible and real expression of their love for each other. I hope our friends and families can see that on December 29th.

And as for my other vows, I vow never to be a contender for Bridezillas. Don’t even mention it to me.(And if you have a problem with that you can stick it where the sun don’t shine!)

practice still hasn’t made perfect

8 Aug

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve been practicing my ampersands, hoping to get them in shape for addressing save-the-dates and invitations. The highlight has been writing on the fun paper that reminds me of grade school. And of course I bought fun pens (Le Pen!) in many colors for the exercise.

So, here’s what I’ve done:


Style 1, 2, or 3?

Oh, man. I knew these were hard. My option #1, the most traditional, is pretty weak, right?  They all need work, but which version do you like best?

Another dress post

6 Aug

So last weekend I posted about the great time I had shopping for a wedding dress with three friends. Well, today I’m telling you about the great time I had returning that dress and exchanging it for a dress I’m even more excited about. Also, I fell in love with a veil while wearing the new dress, when I laughed one off my head in the first dress. It just felt so ridiculous. But this one was RIGHT. MUCH more like a bride now.

I changed my mind! It’s the theme of the wedding now, I’m starting to think.

Still, HAPPINESS! It’s a beautiful dress, very fun, very exciting. Can’t wait for the Sweets to see me in it. I think he’ll be happy with my choice, and I’m happily looking forward to wearing it!

your special day (and hers, too)

27 Jul

Chelsea Clinton is getting married this weekend, did you hear? (That’s mostly a joke. If you’re reading my wedding blog, I’m sure you’re reading a lot of wedding blogs, and people can’t stop talking about it!)

There’s been a lot of hullabaloo about where and how and who will be there, and one of the side stories is about the “other bride” who is also getting married that weekend in Rhinebeck, New York, the town where Chelsea’s wedding will likely be. See here: http://shine.yahoo.com/channel/sex/will-chelsea-clintons-wedding-ruin-mine-a-bridal-nightmare-2077400/. A lot of people are sympathetic to Miss Haddad-Friedman’s plight — the fear that perhaps the Clinton wedding will ruin her day.

The thing that occurs to me, however, is that nothing will ruin her day. There may be a few hitches and headaches leading up to the moment, but it’s still the day she’ll marry the man she loves. She’ll still have that moment when she says her vows and her man says them back to her, and they’ll remember it forever, and have amazing stories to tell. I hope she’ll soon stop thinking of the day as “hell,” and be able to enjoy.

Perhaps easier said than done, but it’s what I hope for her, for me, and for all brides. Enjoy the wedding! Congratulations! Now you’re married and you have a whole lifetime of days for other people to ruin!

Weekend of leisure

20 Jun

The Sweets and I had a lovely weekend here in New York City. On Saturday, we ventured to Coney Island for the annual Mermaid Parade. It was, if you aren’t familiar, exactly what it sounds like – a beach-side parade of people dressed like mermaids and other sea-folk. Utterly fun and wacky.

mermaid parade sign

Coney Island Mermaid Parade!

mermaid puppet like a chinese dragon

The mermaid version of a Chinese Dragon?

coney island from the wonder wheel

The tail end of the Mermaid Parade as seen from the top of Coney Island's famous and historic Wonder Wheel!

And Coney Island is also home to the famous Nathan’s hotdogs, and we had to partake:

Nathan's Coney Island

I'll spare you the hot dog eating shots.

But the best thing came on the way home, when we stopped in DUMBO, and visited the ice cream shop of Mr. Chocolate himself, Jacques Torres:

Jacques Torres, Brooklyn

Chocolate Heaven, indeed

They were serving monster ice cream sandwiches, and we ate them up like it was our job. De-lish! We followed that stop with a walk around the Brooklyn Bridge Park, where we saw no fewer than four wedding parties taking photos. That was the closest I came to any wedding planning this weekend.

Today we house-warmed friends who recently bought an apartment, and then had dinner with my Sweets’ family for Father’s Day. Delicious homemade Chinese food! Life is good.

Hope you all had a fabulous weekend!

UNDER the wedding dress. TMI?

18 Jun

At the risk of oversharing during my first week of blogging, I will tell you that this afternoon I am going shopping for undergarments that will be important for trying on wedding dresses.

under the wedding dress

These may be slightly outdated. Or not far off?

image from Couture Allure

I venture a guess that this isn’t what the modern bride wears to the wedding boutique when trying on gowns. I’m guessing I need a skin-tone strapless bra, and maybe a skirt slip for modesty’s sake? Any other recommendations?