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Where Anne says yes.

29 Sep


I knew I liked that other Sarah over at My San Francisco Budget Wedding, but she cemented my admiration for her when she posted this bit of loveliness over the weekend. Anne forever!


No marble halls for me, either. ūüôā


bad blogger

10 Sep

I’ve been a bad blogger lately. I hate these posts, where people apologize for neglecting the blog and explain how busy and crazy life has been lately, and promise they’re going to be better in the future. I probably will, too. But I’m annoying myself. Just wanted to register here that I’m not done with this blog, that I’m not done planning, but I haven’t had much urge to document things lately. Most of what is being accomplished right now doesn’t “show” very well, and I’m realizing that when I actually chose things and have plans, I want to keep them close so my wedding will be fresh and lovely and a surprise for my guests.¬† I’m trying to practice avoiding the overshare.

Also, I’m more avoiding all the pretty wedding blogs at the moment because I’m trying to crystallize my own vision, along with my groom’s vision, for our wedding. All the other images kind of cloud things for me.

So, soon I’ll be back with more thoughtfulness and things to document, I’m sure.

Hey, that’s where I’m getting married!

27 Aug

On Brooklyn Bride today:


We’re planning to sign our contract with MyMoon on Sunday afternoon. Yay!

I’m not shirking work

4 Aug

I read a statistic somewhere that most women do the majority of their wedding planning at work. I’m not going to lie — I’m doing some planning at work. But I think I’m being responsible and fair to my employer.

I’m not a crazy wedding-planner girl yet, not calling all the vendors to make sure they¬†know every last detail of my wishes (I’ve sat next to that girl), and I’m not NOT doing my job (I’ve met her, too), but I’ll admit I take frequent “breaks” to look at twitter or check that favorite blog or search for more ideas about what¬†the heck¬†kind of dress I want to wear, or research that crazy favor idea I had. But work is so important, and I’m dedicated to getting it done. Just so you know.

But the honest truth is I spend more time than I should scouring the internet for wedding stuff.¬† And I’m trying to take care it doesn’t get out of control. Brides, how do you keep balance in your work/planning lives?

grumpy wedding planner girl

29 Jun

I’ve been feeling a little overwhelmed this past week or so, trying to find venues and vendors to create the wedding that the Sweets I want. I’m beginning to think this wedding planning thing is no picnic…

picnic wedding reception

Photography ‚Äď Catie Ronquillo Photography

oh, wait — I mean, no day at the beach

Beach wedding

Photography: Comfort Studio

no, it’s not all fun and games!

scrabble wedding photo

Photo by Jagger Photography

but you can’t have your cake and eat it too!

Thiebaud Wedding Cakes

Photography: Kate Harrison

Shoot. I can’t stay grumpy. I need to keep reminding myself that for every moment of frustration and misery trying to pull together a wedding that will be lovely and wonderful, I’ll have that wedding day, and a lifetime of happiness. Wedding planning may not be all roses (because there are so many other flowers out there!) but all we need is love¬†(and wonderful wedding blogs like the ones featured here).

Thanks, lovely wedding bloggers!

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