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birthday blues

8 Jul

You’d THINK I’d be annoyed today that I’m turning 31 — that time marches on and the gray hairs are starting to show…
But I’m mostly annoyed that Sweets has surprised me by doing nothing special on my birthday. I know I’m wearing a lovely bit of bling right now, and as we’re saving for our wedding I didn’t expect a significant gift, but… SOMETHING? A card?
Quick, someone remind me how sweet this man is so I can just get over it.


Star of my heart

27 Jun

The moment I first fell a little bit in love with Sweets was the night of our fourth date. It was a night full of our firsts, which I’ll get to if you’ll let me tell you a little story.  

Our first date, a blind one, was the Sunday after Thanksgiving, and we saw a movie and then went out for hot chocolate. Our second date, at his oh-so-romantic suggestion, was a diner breakfast followed by ice skating in Central Park. It was wonderful — we held hands on the ice. The third date almost threw us off the rails — we went out for dinner and found ourselves struggling to make engaging conversation through the whole meal and our after-dinner walk to see the Christmas tree in Rockefeller Center. But he was so cute, and I felt so very comfortable with him, that I took it upon myself to make the fourth date a make-or-break one.  

It was mid-December, and I’d invited him over for a very intense date, I’ll admit. He came to my apartment in the afternoon. The plan was to bake cookies, watch a movie, and then, later in the evening, go to a “bad Christmas sweater” party to meet a few of my friends.  He showed up at my door wearing a silly Elf hat, complete with pointy ears, another in hand for me, and a sweet gift: a silver-colored star tree-topper for my NYC apartment-sized (TINY!) Christmas tree. I had forgotten I’d even mentioned to him that I didn’t have a topper for my table-top tree — that I’d tied a red bow and set it at the top in place of my favorite tree-trimming.  

How sweet that he had heard that little detail, thought anything of it, and hunted down a silver star topper in a 99-cent store. And that was the first time I thought I might be able to fall in love with this sweet man, who came bringing Christmas cheer and an attentive and thoughtful spirit.  

silver star tree-topper

The star, getting its fourth outing this Christmas on our tiny tree!


 Later that night we shared our first kiss. And tonight, I kissed him when he suggested we might use silver star tree-toppers as a part of our table centerpieces. What a sweet and meaningful DIY idea. I can’t wait to marry him.