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please celebrate with us!

28 Sep

The sweets and I ordered wedding invitations this past weekend! It’s so real now, right?  We ordered from Wedding Paper Divas (a friend who is getting married NEXT WEEKEND — Congrats, Yasmine! — raved about them) and I was really pleased by their reasonable prices and customizable designs. And the Sweets and I had very different points of view about what our invitations should look like, and this design made us both very happy — it’s our wedding!

winter berries wedding invitation

The red berries on the branch are much like the winter berries ideas I had a few months ago, and so I think it will help us to get started with a florist. What do you think — the invite is beautiful next to these flowers, right?

white flowers and winter berries

And of course the branches also tie into the birds — the cardinals I previously called my “singing little details.” It’s all coming together! Just in time for three months from tomorrow!


heart and sole

23 Aug

Since I’ve got those awesome red satin shoes, and I’m having a winter wedding, of course I needed to outfit my shoes to protect them and me from adverse weather conditions and slick ground, right?

How darn cute (and practical!?!) are these?

heart stoppers shoe grips

I got them at drugstore.com (ON SALE!) Though an admittedly impulse purchase while shopping for Sweets’  Tums and ear drops, I figure they’re a smart purchase. I think that’s a perk of wedding planning, that I can buy something so whimsical next to the everyday domestic purchases, and call it practical.

LOVE. And they are SO THIS BLOG, aren’t they? Perfection.

roses and rosemary

21 Aug

I tweeted earlier this week that I had read somewhere about a bouquet of white roses and rosemary, and idea that filled me with romantic longing, and I asked if anyone had any photos of such a bouquet. No one responded on twitter, but the internet has since surprised me with several beautiful images, and I’m totally in love.

Like this:

and this:

I found them both at frostyweddings, my go-to site for winter wedding inspiration, and she got them from the Natural Wedding Company. Photos all from Mark Tattersall. Gorgeous, huh?

What’s funny is that every image I found was from the UK. I guess the Brits like their herbs?

When I stop and think about why I like this combination, aside from the wintry, fragrant appeal, I remember the quote from Shakespeare:

“There’s rosemary; that’s for remembrance.
Pray, love, remember.”
~Ophelia, Hamlet

I think it actually has scientific, medicinal properties, too, for helping with memory. And it has been used in weddings as a symbol of love and memory for centuries, too.  I’ll be thinking about ways to incorporate this combination!

“If the day and night are such that you greet them with joy, and life emits a fragrance like flowers and sweet-scented herbs, is more elastic, more starry, more immortal, … That is your success. All nature is your congratulation.” — Henry David Thoreau    

another lovely winter wedding

26 Jul

My winter wedding blogger friend, Coraline at Frosty Winter Weddings, has a post up today about a wedding that is gorgeous and lovely. And the centerpieces in that wedding are very similar to what I think I want.  And that simple, elegant cake — yes, please!   

wedding centerpiece and cake

frosty centerpiece and cake!


Photo by Pink Sugar Photography.   

Click on over to http://frostyweddings.blogspot.com/2010/07/allison-jonathan.html (or via the Frosty Weddings link in the blogroll) to see the whole wedding. Also at the photographer’s site: http://pinksugarphotography.typepad.com/pink_sugar_photography_bl/2010/01/allison-and-jonathan.html Gorgeous!

I’m dreaming of a white (Christmas) wedding…

12 Jul

Last night I dreamed about my wedding flowers. PLANNING IN MY SLEEP!!! Truth be told, we haven’t settled on a venue yet, but I’m already decorating. Since we’re planning a December wedding, winter flowers will be key. And I want berries. Winter Berries.     

winter berry branches

photo credit: Lida Rose, Flickr


 Wouldn’t some arrangements of branches be lovely throughout the room, and then springs interspersed with white flowers for bouquets and/or centerpieces?any white flowers will do — not sure peonies are in season in December?     

white flowers and winter berries

any white flowers will do -- not sure peonies are in season in December?


source: http://theperfectpalette.blogspot.com/2009/11/baby-its-cold-outside-snow-white-red.html     

ooh, and I love this arrangement from Flower Duet


And it occurred to me that Amaryllis and Paper Whites in pots would be lovely around the room. And bulbs in organza or craft paper bags with red tags would be gorgeous favors! Yes?

Winter Wedding Planning

25 Jun

Or, why I don’t want a summer wedding. I love snow, and sweaters, and fireplaces, and winter.

I am not a warm-weather person. A day at the beach is more likely to give me 2nd-degree burns than any kind of a tan, my nose and upper lip break out in a fine sheen of perspiration when the temperature breaks 80 degrees. And when I’m hot and sweaty, you can bet I’m also a little grumpy.

These are just some of the reasons I’m looking forward to the prospect of a Winter Wedding! The sweets and I seem to be in agreement on this point — that sweet week between Christmas and New Year is our time.

heart in snow footprints

A Valentine in our back courtyard this winter.

We’re investigating venues now, and hoping that spaces and caterers and other people we need for the event will be happy to find a gig in the time between all the office and family holiday parties and the New Year’s Eve revelling. Fingers crossed!

Anyway, I think I’m going to LOVE what I get for Christmas this year.

Robot Love Christmas ornament

Yes, that's a robot Christmas ornament I gave to my Sweets.

I’d love to hear from any of you that are having or have had or have been a part of winter weddings. What’s the best thing about them? What should I not miss including?